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T Catalanotto

Web Developer - Graphic Artist



I have over 15 years of experience with Graphic Design. I can provide a wide range of solutions for both your business and personal needs. I have a passion for helping businesses in all industries and have worked with companies such as News on Wheels, The Employment Guide of Houston, New Orleans Publishing Group and many more. By no means is this all of my work.This will be a temporary web site till I create another one.

I started out at The Art Institute of Houston, For Visual Communications, and Computer Animation,Graduated in 1997. I started back for Web Design and Interactive Media at The Art Institute of Austin. I Graduated in 2012.
I am currently taking a few classes to update my skills, for HTML5 which I've finished. Now I am taking javascript and waiting to take Interactive Design with CSS and javascript at Austin Community College.

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Laughter Heals

Web Page I created for "The Love Doctor" his non-profit organization. Laughter Heals

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Think Equal

Logo contest to make the best one for Think Equal

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Ad for a College

Created this one for a College in Prairie View

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CD Cover Project

I Created this one cause I like the band 311.

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Car Ad

Recreated and old ad I'd done for The Employment Guide of Houston.

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512 PT Golf Performance

Redesigned my Physical Therapists' web page.

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